Internal Secondary Floating Roof Seals for Aboveground Tanks
11" Waffle Seal - Standard

Polyurethane, foamed elastomer compounded for higher strength, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance

Physical Description
Black, highly resilient elastomer, tapered wiper seal is available in widths 10” to 16"

Approximately 33.4 pounds per cubic foot

Compression Deflection
131 PSI, ASTM D-1056 at 25% compression

Shore 60A Durometer

Ross Flex Test
200,000 cycles at -22F, no sign of failure
100,000 cycles at -40F, no sign of failure

Tensile Strength
1129 PSI ASTM D-412

470% ASTM D-412

Tear Strength
175 PLI ASTM D-1654

Temperature Resistance
-40F to 160F continuous operation

Ozone Resistance
No cracking after 10 hours at 100 pphm at 40C ASTM D-1149

Oil Resistance
ASTM oil #1 70 hr. at 158F 0% swell

Typical Application
Acids, Fuel, Gasoline, Lubricants, Natural Gas, Oil Products, Petroleum Products